Direct Express

Improve the way you sell online with a drop-shipping program from the largest furniture company!
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What is Express Shipping?

A convenient, direct to consumer shipping program.

It is an opportunity to have an “endless aisle of furniture” that you sell directly from your website to the end consumer. We have more than 12 furniture categories with thousands of available SKUs for you to sell online 24/7.

Best of all….. You don’t even have to lift a finger!!!

How it works

Customer Buys Merch

Congrats! Your marketing & sales efforts paid off. You are amazing!! 🙂

 Orders can be made in-store or online for this program.

You enter order into Ashley Direct

Don’t work those typing fingers too hard, we still have to get to step 3! 😉

It’s best practice to enter the order ASAP for fastest delivery speeds.

Sit back & Relax

Oh my! Isn’t step 3 the worst? Direct express orders ship directly from the Ashley warehouse, to your customer’s front door. 

That’s it! You are done. Now on to the next.

We will ship in-stock products
Directly to your customer in

48 Hours

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And more!!!

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