Account Dashboard

Welcome to your account dashboard. This page is only accessible to verified accounts. You will find downloadable resources and other items that I come across, which may help you out in some way. There will be regular updates to the items in your dashboard, as well as the occasional addition to resources. So check back periodically to make sure all your Sierra Sleep information is up to date.

Specs & Pricing Sheet

Editable PowerPoint version of our specs & prices. Just change the prices to reflect your retail pricing, print out the sheets & place in the mattress footer protectors.

Line-Up Sheet

Great for quick references to the entire Sierra Sleep line. In seconds know the product names/ SKUs, sizes offered, styles & prices of each collection.

3D Images

Use these 3D images for your store display to better show what's in the mattresses. Available as standalone images, or with the specs included.

Price Tags

A visually pleasing format to display various price options for mattresses & mattress sets. Simply edit prices to match your retail amounts & print!

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